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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services are vital for many Americans. The effects of delayed health care can be fatal. Civic Life International’s commitment is to reduce the number of fatalities by providing safe and  affordable transportation services to families.
We charge a base fee for ambulatory, and wheelchair services. In addition to the base fee, we often charge per mile as well. Mileage rates vary depending on the proximity of the patient. If round-trip service is needed, we will typically charge a wait time fee on top of the base rate and mileage charges. Frequently, these charges are based on 15-30-minute blocks. To support special needs families, We DO NOT Charge an additional if attendant will be joining in on the NEMT trip

CLI Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Rates

Types of ChargeWeekday Business HoursWeekends & Off HoursHolidays
Ambulatory – Base Rate$25 – $30$30 – $40$35 – $45
Wheelchair – Base Rate$45 – $50$75 – $90$85 – $100
Stretcher – Base Rate$100 – $200$125 – $225$150 – $250
Additional Mileage Fees$3 – $5 per mile$5 – $7 per mile$5 – $10 per mile
Wait-time Fees (per 30 mins)$15 – $30$15 – $30$15 – $30
Additional Attendant Fees$0 – $0$0 – 0$0 – 0

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