Minority Owned Service Provider

Civic Life International LLC is a minority owned service provider.  We aggregate people who act like families, whether related by blood or not, to provide affordable services to adult with disabilities.

NEMT SERVICES: We  offer NEMT services to medical appointments for adult with disabilities, and special needs clients.  We provide pick-ups and drop-offs to various locations in Montgomery and Greene County Ohio. Including:

  • Hospitals and Doctor’s offices
  • Radiation,  chemotherapy and Rehabilitation centers
  • Long term care facilities, and Nursing homes

CLASS 2 FACILITIES:  We operate licensed residential facilities for people with disabilities, including adults moving out of nursing homes and other larger group facilities. Our facilities serve those with disabilities, including physical, mental, cognitive, or behavioral health needs. We provide room, board, and personal care for individuals who need assistance with daily living. We offer  Class 2 facilities.. to any of the following:

  • One or two unrelated persons with mental illness;
  • One or two unrelated adults who are receiving residential state supplement  or SSI payments;
  • Three to five unrelated adults

BUSINESS CONSULTING: We offer specialized  management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency and  bring the power of insight to help organizations make professional decisions.